Making A Difference in Small Business with Domain Names

Brand Domains ?

Domains and Business at ThinkDomains.comBrand Domains are the type of domain that can be used for different types of businesses and projects. A brand name would be distinctive and convey an easy to use name and possible slogan that people will easily remember. 

A brand domain will require more advertising than a normal business name because of the uniqueness of the domain name and as a small to medium size business you have to determine where your budget is going first. 

Example: Obviously Google would be a great brand, but before, nobody would have even considered that. Another example would be Amazon, Starbucks,Twitter,Facebook etc etc.

While those names started as nothing, they became part of the everyday use of the terms. Of course domain names like that are in the 5 to 6 figure range when just initially starting with some exceptions, but for the standard business there are several brandable domains that can be put to use.

The majority of great brand names are taken and used for the Fortune 500 company or a company that has a specific market. These types of major league domains would be more than the average small to medium business can or would want to afford purchasing.

However, there are always opportunities to get a great domain for your business. It may not be or for your new chocolate shop, but it may be,, The difference would be extra zeros in the price 🙂 and more money in your pocket for sales.