Making A Difference in Small Business with Domain Names
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.com vs Anything for Small Business

Small Business Owners – Attention. What do you register – a .com domain or anything else ? 

When evaluating this question, do you even know there are other domain extensions available, besides .net,.org ? Most of you probably do not. There are over 1000 additional domain extensions besides the top 3 that have been around forever. None of these new extensions matter..Period..End of story. For the small to medium business owner, especially when the majority of you can buy a domain from $100 to $5,000 in a .com extension and change the course of your business by that decision alone.

Do not let your friends, relatives, business advisers, domain registers, domain experts,the corner coffee shop owner or anyone else tell you that the extensions other than a .com will help your business. They will not. In my experience and opinion.

Say your business name is Karens Crafts. You find out the .com is taken so you register… Thats right, there is an extension .xyz and it has a lot of registrations. You then say to yourself that was great I got that extension for $1.99, what a deal. You spend 2-3k on website development, set up your advertising, social media and everything else and then you wait… Yes you get some interest but then the person that owns gets your traffic, all because people almost automatically add .com. This is called leakage. You did all the work and now that other website gets a lot of your traffic. Yes-It really works that way.

In summary, .com rules for the majority of all small to medium business. Let the big companies gamble with their large amounts of money, you as a small business should not…..I made many mistakes along the way buying domains, all types and I want to save you money, aggravation and time.

In the end you may have selected,, – all of which would have been better.