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If you are interested in Domain Investing Blogs, below are the ones that Think Domains recommends for a variety of domain investing. Each one offers information that would be valuable to learn in a many areas, most if not all do not involve business and domain advice, they are rather discussing the prices, whats trending and news in the domain industry.. It is important to know each one of the people I recommend have proven themselves in different ways to be honest and forthcoming in all aspects of their business. In addition, each person also owns larger domain portfolios themselves and are not just an online author talking about domain investing. In other words “They practice what they preach.”

Domain Sherpa: This website/blog was developed and led by Michael Cyger and contains many online interviews with leading domain investors. A great place to visually see a meaningful conversation… Quote ” Michael Cyger is the publisher and founder of, an educational media company that helps entrepreneurs and investors learn about the domain name industry through in-depth video interviews and tutorials.” Michael has sold the Domain Sherpa Site and Show to Andrew Rosener one of the top domain brokers in the industry, who continues on with outstanding domain discussions.


Domain Shane / DSAD : The blog by Shane Cultra and his team. This blog entails many subjects of what is valuable in their opinion, what domains are trending, investment viewpoint, sales results and opinions on domain auctions with recommendations. Extremely valuable from a regular investors perspective on the domain industry. Information that pertains to the current market can be the most valuable item that you would need in becoming an investor today. Shane also is a regular participant on the Domain Sherpa online shows with Michael Cyger and now Andrew Rosener..


Domain Investing : This blog features another domain investor that has useful insights to many aspects of the domain industry. It is owned by Elliot Silver, a domain investor and experienced business entrepreneur. Elliot offers recommendations, but also publishes information from his viewpoint related to his experiences in the buying, developing and selling of domains. He is more of a dedicated domain investor to his areas of expertise, thus giving you an opinion that is geared towards focusing on certain types of domains over the years. Quote : ” is an award winning publication covering the specialized business of domain name investing. The primary focus of the website is domain name sales, domain investment news and strategy, and general information about investing in domain names.” 


Domain Academy : This is not a blog, this is a learning experience in the domain selling and buying business presented by Michael Cyger of the Domain Sherpa show. Its not often you can find a program that offers the insight and strategies you need to learn the domain investing business and its all in one place.
Fantastic opportunity for everyone to learn and earn.


Ron Jackson is a journalist widely known as the Editor & Publisher of Domain Name Journal (DNJournal). Jackson began publishing DNJournal on January 1, 2003,; it was effectively the first publication geared towards the domain name industry. This is a domain insider website that reports on sales, domain business, major companies and offers insights into what the domain industry is about of some of the major players involved today.

Disclaimer: The people above have not paid to be on this website in any way, either by cash, credit or services. I chose each one of these people from my personal experiences I have had with each individual over the last several years. This is something I do not take lightly. Recommending people to me is serious business and I feel each one of these people represent some of the best in the industry today. That’s my opinion and hopefully you will appreciate each and every persons honesty if you happen to interact with any of them in the future.

” Good Luck in your domain success if you choose to become a domain investor.” Dave at Think Domains