Making A Difference in Small Business with Domain Names

Domains and Vehicles

Domains and Business at ThinkDomains.comWhen you see a service vehicle going down the street, do you really write down the phone number or do you look for the name first ? Statistics show that only 1 out of every 50 people will note a phone number on a vehicle if there are other options. Such as business name, website, or a funny image or an image that signifies what they are and is a major brand.

The actual phone number is ignored in today’s internet world. People are looking for areas, websites, images and ease in finding some business without having to remember a phone number.


Domains and Business at

Here is another example of  how to use a domain name on a vehicle properly to get the absolute maximum exposure. Your domain name or website should always be posted on all sides of the vehicle so it stands out. I have heard the argument where a business owner says things like.

  • Well my website is not up to date, I really don’t want anyone looking at it.
  • People don’t care about our website, they need our phone number.
  • It takes up too much space on our vehicle.
  • People should always write down a phone number.

Yes these really were actual responses when I personally talked with service industry business owners many many times over the last year. 

UPDATE your website every month at a minimum. Have current photos and information posted. IT DOES MAKE A DIFFERENCE Today!