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I get all my business from referrals

I get all my business from referrals I don’t need a good domain or a website.

I hear this several times over by small business people.

  • Why should I have a good domain name, mine is just fine, and I only spent $10 for it, besides I get all my business from referrals anyway.
  • Why should I have an updated website anyway, my business is 90% referrals. I can’t spend my time on a website that doesn’t do anything for me.
  • I get zero business from my website and all my business is from referrals.
  • All my business is referrals and they don’t care about my website or my domain name, so why would I change anything.

So business owners, you say you get all your business from referrals and why do anything on the internet at all then, correct?!

Your Bad website :: A person comes to visit your website if they can find it by your terrible $10 domain that you have it under, looks at your outdated design and information for less than 5 seconds and does not call you because anyone that has that terrible setup, I do not want to do business with. If they cant keep up on their own website, maybe they cant do their service correctly for me ?!

But Mr Business Owner you just told me you don’t need a website or a good domain name, why should you care if they didn’t call you or email you, right ?

You said all your business was based on referrals!

Guess what! Your website is the best referral you will ever have..PERIOD.. That’s right business people that only work on referrals, you are passing on the BEST REFFERAL you could ever get 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Unless all your referrals you have talk about you to virtually everyone they know, every single day about how great you are, there is no comparison.

Unless your referrals are up in the middle of the night and passing flyers around your city of 1.5 million, you really can’t compare can you…

Unless your referrals are washing car windows and passing your business card out to each one at your local busy intersection…Then I guess you are correct.

Or, are you talking about your circle of friends that occasionally mention you sell, lets say, real estate, you and 10 million other people that sell real estate also. But again, who needs money when you have your own referrals.

Who needs the one person that comes to your website for information, calls you up, buys 4 houses from you, at a 50,000 commission and then recommends you to his circle of friends via your website, which then gets you 5 more people who all buy houses from you. Really, who needs that, I have enough referrals of my own. My website and domain name doesn’t get me business because its not one of my referrals.

I don’t know about you, but…………………….?